A Dope Soul Interview: YogaFit w/DaVinci

A Dope Soul Interview: Yoga Fit w/DaVinci The SheSpeakz Podcast

Neek interviews Darnell DaVinci the Founder and Visionary of DaVinci YogaFit, a black-owned yoga fitness brand that is out to break stereotypes and heal communities as "DaVinci Yoga Fit is a lifestyle brand aiming to encourage others to keep growing into their strongest selves." *Disclaimer: This episode will discuss the topic of race.* — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/neek3/support
  1. A Dope Soul Interview: Yoga Fit w/DaVinci
  2. Don’t miss the message…
  3. Clarity
  4. Live…In The Moment
  5. We See You Sis

****Flashback Friday****


As you prepare for the New Year in your own way, listen to a flashback episode of The SheSpeakz podcast from the beginning of 2021. My guest, a Dope Soul, Alex McGuire Horton, Owner of Be Intentional Counseling & Consulting, LLC, and I discussed, How to be Successful in the New Year and Beyond.

She definitely dropped some jewels in this episode!


Enjoy! Happy New Year!

A Conversation about Self-Care

I was honored to have a discussion about self-care with Annie Brock, the CEO of the Leader Transition Institute.

I met Annie while attending the LTI’s Changing Focus Course “From We to Me”, after a recommendation from one of my amazing leaders.

The course helped me change my mindset about transitioning from the military to civilian life.

“LTI is organization that assists individuals who are transitioning from one industry sector to another, with a special emphasis on service members, veterans, and their spouses who are transitioning from active military service to the civilian sector.”

Source: https://www.leadertransitioninstitute.org/

I hope you hear something that resonates with you that you can use on your self care journey.

Self-Care Reminder: All weight is not ours to carry.

Sometimes our role is:

  1. To help them shift the weight.
  2. Help them find another way to carry the weight.
  3. Encourage them while they carry the weight.


  1. Light the path they are walking while they carry the weight.

Being there for someone doesn’t always mean you have to carry their load. Sometimes your job is to just be there.

They won’t forget who was there for them while they took the journey to figure out this thing we call life.

Happy Tuesday!💋

SheTravels: Be Safe Out There

Hey Sis!

As you begin to explore the world again, I want to share a few things to assist you in getting back out there.  It’s busy sis!  Gone are the days of the ghost like airports and roadways. We, the people, are out here in these airports and streets strong. Don’t let that deter you from traveling. You can still do so and be safe. 

Here are some things I wanted to share…

  1. Masks. In the airport and definitely on the plane (specifically Southwest) companies are serious about passengers wearing their masks during the entire flight. As one flight attendant put it,” if your drink or food is down, your mask will be up. “
  2. Hand sanitizer is everywhere!
  3. Rental Cars. Contactless pick up is the way we operated, the only time we interacted with a representative was when we were exiting and needed our contract (she was also wearing a mask).
  4. Hotels. Most hotels have digital keys and you can check in using the app. Your contact can be non-existent if that is what you prefer. The hotels that we stayed in, the staff wore masks. The rooms also had seals on the door to confirm they were cleaned. It appeared that one hotel had a partnership with Lysol. Some hotels have returned to breakfast buffets and some are only providing a grab and go breakfast. If you are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 you don’t have to wear a mask. Others must follow the current CDC guidelines.
  5. Restaurants. They are open. Some restaurants in the airports are still closed due to the pandemic so your choices may be limited. This info comes in handy if you have a long layover.
  6. Social Distancing. Social distancing is still being encouraged.
  7. If you are still nervous about the cleanliness of the hotel room, you can pack your own lysol, wipes, towels and washcloths.
  8. Rewards Points. It’s never too late to sign up for airline, hotel and rental car reward points. Depending on how often you travel, you can end up with free room upgrades, night stays, rental car upgrades, flights, etc.
  9. Purchase snacks before heading to the airport or hotel…its cheaper! You will thank me later. Lol.
  10. Enjoy the trip. If you are going to spend the money you might as well enjoy the trip. Everyone has a different budget but the goal is the same…to create memories that will last forever. I forgot my phone at home the morning we left for the airport and I must say, it was one of the best welcomed accidents that could have happened.

Remember, You can travel and still be safe.

Happy Travels!

Disclaimer:  The travel tips above are based solely on my personal experiences while traveling.   The decision to travel is based solely on the reader’s decision.

A Reminder: A Reason, A Season & A Lifetime

Go with the flow…

As we arrive in month seven of another unpredictable yet manageable year, I have had to remind myself that change is still the only constant thing in my life besides my little immediate family. We are still in a pandemic and some of us, are still trying to navigate what we experienced or were dealt up until now. Some days are easy and some days take a little more work. Some days we know who we can call and some days we don’t feel like we can reach out to anyone. To be honest that is okay. Those feelings are a part of being human.

In these moments remember situations happen for a reason, a season and in some cases they can affect your lifetime but we are strong enough to handle whatever comes our way. We also have to remember that people come into our lives for a reason, a particular season and they may not be there for our entire lifetime. We have to remember this and move accordingly.

It may be time to let go of the job you have been showing up for that has stopped showing up for you. It may be time to walk away from those who fail to see the value in you or your relationship or it may be time for you to step your game up in certain areas of your life and show up consistently for those who show up for you in their actions and words.

Whatever the case may be, remember, everything in life that happens is for a reason, a season or a lifetime. The best way to help you go or grow with the flow is to know the difference of each encounter and roll with it.

May you enjoy the journey one day at a time.

Let’s Go!

What do you do when the noise stops?

Photo Credit: Me

A couple of years ago, I was on the go. I was traveling often for work. When I was not traveling for work, I was traveling for leisure, hanging out with friends and if you saw me or my pictures online, you would say I was living my best life! To be honest I was. It was amazing, I was shaking and moving at work, my team was good, my family was good and for the most part life was good. Then in 2020 that all came to a halt and like many others, I was forced to sit down within the four walls of my home and be in the presence of my beautiful family. Not only that, I was forced to face the noise of my thoughts and experiences I tried to forget. It is easy to “forget” when you are distracted, but what do you do when there are no more distractions? What do you do when the noise stops?

Sometimes your thoughts are louder than the words that are spoken. Sometimes your life experiences that come to memory are BIGGER than Mt. Kilimanjaro. Whatever the case, they show up and may not have plans to leave anytime soon. So what do you do when it looks like they are here to stay? Some of us choose to ignore what is before us and find other ways to be distracted. We put our all energy into helping others, we are on all the social media platforms and events, in some cases we are even hosting events. What do you do when no one needs your help? You are burned out by social media and you don’t have the energy to host another zoom call?

Eventually you have to be hospitable to your unwanted guest(s) and have a conversation. This will require putting in the work to heal your broken pieces, giving your insecurities a pep talk, and embracing the cacti, you know the things that hurt in order to move on with your life. In a world where the “hustle and bustle” or the “hustle and grind” was life, it is time to embrace what last year forced us to do. Sit in silence and make the best out what life decides or has decided to hand us.

What will you do when the noise stops?