SheReadz: The Hate You Give, Angie Thomas


Tomorrow is the day! We will officially start the SheReadz portion of SheSpeakz.  The  book is titled, “The Hate You Give” by Angie Thomas.  I am excited and hope to see some great dialogue as we take this literary journey.  If you have not ordered your book yet and still want to join the discussion I know for a fact you can purchase a book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble (I am not being paid to mentioned these companies).  We will start reading tomorrow 1 August and will finish by 18 Oct 18 and conclude by supporting the film on 19 Oct 18 by going to see the movie in a theater in your area during the opening weekend.

Here is the projected reading schedule:

Week 1: 1-7 Aug 18 (Chapters 1, 2&3)

Week 2: 8-14 Aug 18 (Chapters 4&5)

Week 3: 15-21 Aug 18 (Chapters 6&7)

Week 4: 22-28 Aug 18 (Chapters 8&9)

Week 5: 29 Aug-4 Sep 18 (Chapters 10,11&12)

Week 6: 5-11 Sep 18 (Chapters 13&14)

Week 7: 12-18 Sep 18 (Chapters 15&16)

Week 8: 19 -25 Sep 18 (Chapters 17, 18,&19)

Week 9: 26 Sep 18-2 Oct 18 (Chapters 20&21)

Week 10: 3 Oct-9 Oct 18 ( Chapters 22&23)

Week 11: 10 Oct-16 Oct 18 (Chapters 24,25&26)

Book Wrap Up/Movie Expectations Discussion: 17-18 Oct 18

Grand Finale: 19-21 Oct 18, The Hate You Give Movie Premiere Weekend (Go see the film).

Discussions will be held here on the SheSpeakz Blog page.  This is due to the fact that not everyone has a Facebook or Instagram account.  There will be more details posted by the end of the week.  I look forward to the dialogue and your insight.

As always, thank you for support SheSpeakz.



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