Soul Searching Sunday: When your prayers are answered.

Do you remember the days that you prayed for what you have now? The new job, positional impact, the new house, the relationship. Then boom you have it. I am a firm believer that God gives you the desires of your heart when it is within His will. Sometimes I know that I can get a little overwhelmed with the things that I have asked for because in some cases I am uncomfortable because it requires a different level of commitment from me. On those days I sit back and remind myself that if I could not handle it God would not have given it to me. That is when I readjust my plans and make it happen.

Sis, you asked for it and He gave it to you. You may be uncomfortable but you can do it. Be thankful and readjust your strategy. We got this. 💋

2 thoughts on “Soul Searching Sunday: When your prayers are answered.”

  1. This was right on time! Pregnant and chasing a toddler, I have repeatedly asked myself if this was the right decision….but I KNOW that God ordained this pregnancy at this time.


    1. Yes Sis. Think about how close your babies will be in age and the unthinkable bonding that will occur. It may seem crazy right now but in the end it will all work out. 💋👸🏾


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