Soul Searching Sunday: Follow Your Heart

Have you ever heard pepople say follow  your head and not your heart?  If so, most times people give this advice when it is time to make a hard or life changing decision.  In some cases this advice is spot on.  I would also like to say that in some cases this can be the wrong advice to follow. Here is why I believe you should follow your heart.

1. Your heart is where you passion lies.  If you heart is in it you will be committed to do it.

2. Your heart makes you think in ways that your mind won’t let you.

3. When following your heart, most times you won’t live to regret it because you did what you honestly believe or felt needed to be done.

4. Actions completed or decisions made with a PURE heart can be seen by others which will speak for you long before you even open your mouth to convince or persuade others.

5. When you lead with your heart others are inclined to follow.

Sis, what are you passionate about?  Whatever it is, it is okay to lead with your heart.  Trust yourself enough to know that you will make the right decision.  Trust yourself enough to know that your circle of trust and influence will  be there to support you.  Most importantly trust God who will always be by your side.

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. ”

Matthew 5:8

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