Soul Searching Sunday: Joy

The other day while I was off of work enjoying the holiday break, I decided to do absolutely nothing. I woke up, read and then decided to take a nap. When I woke up for the second time I decided to do something that I rarely do and watch Netflix. While browsing through the shows I saw a show called,”Tidying Up”. During the show the professional organizer would assist families in decluttering and organizing their home. The first thing she would have them do was look at the item that would be kept, given away or thrown away and asked themselves the question, ” How much joy does this item bring you?”

I was blown away at how simple the question was and the revelation that could come to someone if they were honest. If the item didn’t bring joy then you gave it away or threw it away.

What if we applied that same concept to our daily lives?! Would you have as many material things that you have? Would you be in certain relationships that you are in? Would you still be in the job that you don’t care for?

Today’s reflection: What or who are you holding on to that no longer brings you joy? Is it something that you can work on or work through or is it time to let go?

Happy Sunday! 💋

2 thoughts on “Soul Searching Sunday: Joy”

  1. This is such an interesting question. I’m currently in a situation where I’m holding on to something that I won’t necessarily say I don’t care for anymore but more of a “lost touch” with it. With this, I decided to change my environment to see if it really applies. Sometimes in life, we are surrounded by blockers that allow us to feel a certain way and in order to know for sure if it’s a sure fact, you have to remove the blockers, take a new approach and see if it really is meant.

    In due time, I will know if it’s meant for me to, “let it go”. Your subjects are always right on time, Thank you for sharing!


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