Self-Care Saturday: Grief

Ten years ago, my father passed away from cancer. He died two years after he found out he had stage four prostate cancer. No matter how much you try, you can never prepare for the death of a loved one. When it does happen, depending on what your role is in the family you may not get to grieve with everyone else because you are busy. Busy making sure that everyone is okay. Initially, you may never have time to grieve because you are busy, and life can be distracting.

You also have to properly grieve the death of friendships/relationships and situations. 

Whatever the event, you have to make sure that you take time to grieve.  Grieving is different for everyone, but it has to take place.  In my opinion it is the most important part of the healing process and it has to be natural when it does happen.  When you want to cry, cry.  When you want to yell or scream, yell or scream.  When you want to process all of the emotions that come with grieving, process them.  Too many times we try to remain strong when our bodies, emotions and mental states are trying to work through the process.  If we suppress it for too long, we can end up worse than when we started. So today sis, take the time out to grieve.  You will be glad that you did.  Don’t measure your strength by what you can hold on to, measure your strength by what you are willing to let go of so that you can heal.  

2 thoughts on “Self-Care Saturday: Grief”

    1. Teneha, I agree 100%. When we are conditioned to be strong and press through it can be hard. Especially when we are not used to being vulnerable. However, once you let go and let the mind, body and soul do it’s thing you will be glad you did.
      You’re welcome for the posts. Thank you for being a loyal follower. Μany Blessings!


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