Soul Searching Sunday: What is Behind the Mask?

As we go through life, we have been given different titles and roles that we are expected to live up to. Most titles are given to us based off of the person that we portray to be in front of others. Some of us are walking in our truth and have been for a while. Some of us are just starting to walk in our truth because we are tired of living up to everyone else’s standards. Some of us are still trying to to decide if we should take off the mask. Why? Some of us are afraid that if we remove the mask, we will lose those who have come to know and love the person wearing it. Some of us are afraid to face the person wearing the mask because we have become so good at hiding behind it.

Whatever the case, we have to learn to live life unmasked. Why? We have to be comfortable with who we were, who we are and who we are becoming. Sis, don’t you get tired of wearing that mask daily? Don’t you get tired of switching up your mask depending on who you are around?

It is time for us to remove our masks and truly be ourselves. If people leave, it was never meant for them to stay. Those that stay are truly the ones in your corner and will embrace the journey and reveal with you.

Today’s Reflection: What masks are you wearing that need to be removed? What is hiding behind your mask that the world needs to know and see? What steps are you willing to take to remove your mask(s) and embrace you?

In some cases, this will be uncomfortable and a little nerve wrecking. In some cases this can be the most liberating thing that you will do.

You have a tribe of sisters within the SheSpeakz community that have your back.

Come on sis! We are waiting patiently for your reveal.

Remember, we all have a story to tell and someone is waiting to hear yours. When they do, their life will be forever changed.

Happy Sunday!

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