SheLeadz: Finding/Using Your Voice in a Sea of Dominance

1 thought on “SheLeadz: Finding/Using Your Voice in a Sea of Dominance”

  1. YASSSSSSS!!! You definitely hit the topic and came in on time with it too because I had to have a difficult conversation with someone today and listening to this beforehand helped me change my whole demeanor about how the conversation would go and how I felt about it. Because they were senior to me but I’m placed in a position where what I had to say needed to be said because people weren’t dying, but my shop was suffering. And I put it off for a while because I didn’t know how to use my voice. Because I felt a bit out of place because I am a young staff, he is senior to me, I am the only female and i knew there were feelings about me being in this position that were slightly negative. And we have already had “discussions” pertaining to his attitude. Which started to make me feel like I was becoming more accommodating than effective as a leader. Which made me resonate with when you said your mentor said the discussion you had with someone was too long. I felt that! Because I am always talking thinking my approach should be more emotional and understanding. However, with this particular situation I just needed more directness because our discussions always ended with him changing the narrative and me unclear if they truly got the point lol.

    Overall I am going to carry the scripture with me. It spoke volumes to how my life here has been going. I am here at a beautiful location but personally I haven’t been happy. But instead of being slow to speak and quick to listen I have been the complete opposite truthfully. And I know it’s only because I am or have reached a standstill with my personal and professional life but that doesn’t mean they stop so I can get it together (another reason for my social media break).

    So again thank you so much for coming through with this topic. Because we’re trying out here and although we’re making waves, the challenge is still very real. Love past life ❤️


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