Available Now! A Dope Soul Interview: Maria Lambert, Founder, Breathe.Relax.Calm

It is here!

A Dope Soul Interview: Maria Lambert, Founder, Breathe.Relax.Calm. is now available for your listening pleasure!


The podcast is available on all major listening platforms!

You can also find it here: https://anchor.fm/neek3/episodes/A-Dope-Soul-Interview-Maria-Lambert–Founder–Breathe-Relax-Calm-e1f2vo0/a-a1vnhi7

Grab your tea, pen, and journal, and enjoy!

Happy Tuesday!

A Dope Soul Interview: Maria Lambert, Founder of Breathe.relax.calm

🚨🚨🚨New Podcast Alert! 🚨🚨🚨

I am excited to announce the release of a New Dope Soul Interview.

Join me as I sit and talk to Maria Lambert, the founder of breath.relax.calm., a mental health platform that serves as a safe space for anyone who may need it.

Follow her on social media using the handles below:

FB: Breathe.relax.calm

IG: Breathe.relax.calm

Release Date: Tuesday, 1 March 22

The SheSpeakz Podcast: A Dope Soul Interview: Maria Lambert, Founder, Breathe.relax.calm

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Healthy love is the best love.

The flowers, gifts and candy don’t mean anything if the love and behaviors behind it are toxic.

Remember you can buy your own stuff, don’t let that keep you in a toxic relationship, friendship, sistership or situationship.


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****Flashback Friday****


As you prepare for the New Year in your own way, listen to a flashback episode of The SheSpeakz podcast from the beginning of 2021. My guest, a Dope Soul, Alex McGuire Horton, Owner of Be Intentional Counseling & Consulting, LLC, and I discussed, How to be Successful in the New Year and Beyond.

She definitely dropped some jewels in this episode!


Enjoy! Happy New Year!